Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Principles of Agronomy    
2    Experimental Design - I    B.Sc.
3    Application of Computer in Biotechnology    M.Sc.
4    Advanced Statistical Methods    M.Sc.
5    Micro Climatology    Ph.D
6    Modeling Crop Growth    Ph.D
7    Ecology of Agricultural Systems    B.Sc.
8    Advanced Statistical Methods    M.Sc.
9    Mathematics in Food Technology    B.Sc.
10    Computer Apulication in Food Prolessing    Ph.D
11    Crop Production under Water Defiant Conditions    B.Sc.
12    Applied Statistics    M.Sc.
13    Crop Ecology    M.Sc.
14    Agro Ecology Sustainability    M.Sc.
15    Application of Computer in Biotechnology    M.Sc.
16    Advanced Statistical Methods    M.Sc.
17    Seminar - II    M.Sc.
18    Computer Application in Statistical Analysis Approach    M.Sc.
19    Crop production ecology    M.Sc.
20    Agroecology    M.Sc.
21    Research Methods in Agricultural Entomology    M.Sc.
22    Advanced Statistical Methods in Food Technology    Ph.D
23    Computer Application in Food Processing    Ph.D
24        Ph.D
25    Micro Climatology    Ph.D
26    Modeling Crop Growth    Ph.D
27    AgroBiodirerstry    Ph.D
28    Abrobiodiversity    Ph.D
29    Ecology of Agricultural Systems    Ph.D
30    Ecology of Multiple Cropping Systems    Ph.D
31    Crops and weeds Ecophysiology    Ph.D
32    Agroecosystems analysis    Ph.D
33    Biodiversity in Agroecosystems    Ph.D
34    Ecosystem funstions and services    Ph.D
35    Mathematical Models in Plant Growth and development    Ph.D
36    Management of plant diseases (adnanced)    Ph.D